Chat-Buddy offers a diverse and vibrant free online chat site and is proud to welcome people from all over the world. Our free chat rooms are in use 24/7 and we take pride in providing a platform for people to share interests, meet new friends, form and be a-part of communities and in some cases, fall in love!

We have moderators who have been carefully and personally selected by Chat-Buddy to make your experience within our chat rooms as comfortable as possible. Our moderators are experienced within the chat room environment, trustworthy, loyal and on hand to help you. We offer a variety of online facilities which include;
  •  Forum
  •  Blog
  •  Dating
  •  Photo Booth
  •  Chat Roulette 
  •  Chat-Buddy Quiz Nights

Webcam  – No registration needed.  Plenty of video audio rooms to choose from and its free! No registration is required for our chat room.

When entering the chat room, you are signing up to the acknowledgement that you are required to be a minimum age of 16 years old. Upon entering this agreement, you are permitted to use all of our services and facilities* (*subject to terms and conditions*).  
What can you expect from us?
When visiting our chat room, you can expect to meet like-minded people from all over the world.
It is not a rare sight that on a daily basis, we see people sharing their interests and having discussions over a variety of different topics. We have a multitude of advantages to our chat rooms which include webcams, microphones, quizzes, debates and general socialising.
We strongly recommend that persons using our chat rooms adhere to the following guidelines.
We would advise that you never give out any personal information, under any circumstance. This is for an array of reasons but mainly for your own welfare and security.
Flooding, Advertising and Spamming within is taken seriously and strictly prohibited. If you are seen to be participating in this act of disruption to our chat rooms, our moderators will act and remove you from the chat room, possibly leading to a ban.
For the full Rules of our Chat Rooms, please click here

  • What we require from you?
  • Please show common courtesy towards others at all times.
  • We all enjoy a good debate but please keep it within reason.
  • Remember what we offer here is free!
It is important to all of us that everyone who visits our chat rooms has an enjoyable experience. We ask that you maintain this and to respect other users and their opinions. So why not try one of our free online rooms and make friends! 
Our chat room is open 24/7 anyone can just come into the chat room and start talking about any subject you want. Chat Buddy has many and varied discussions all the time, so being open minded is generally considered a must. 
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You will need flashplayer in order to use our main chat room and if you are using a mobile device you will be automatically redirected to our mobile chat room

What is Chat Buddy? 
Free online chat and social community website where you can chat with people from all parts of the world. 

Do I need to download or install any software to enter the chat room? 
No. Our chat room works with any Flash enabled web browser. If you are accessing by a mobile device the chat room will redirect you to our mobile chat room. 

How do I access the chat room? 
You can access the chat room by going to the Chat Room. You can either login as a guest or if you wish to keep your chosen username then you will need to register. 

Is Chat Buddy free? 
Yes. Completely free. 

What is the difference between guests and registered users? 
If you log in as a guest your username becomes available to anyone as soon as you logout of the chat room. You will lose a number of things like your friends list, website preferences, blocked users. The chat room is completely free with registration being a doddle. 

 How does the chat room work? 
As soon as you login it is advisable to visit the settings section. You will be presented with a few options for personalizing your experience in the chat room. For instance you can set who is allowed to send you private messages, whether they should be registered or a VIP member. Once you have applied your settings you can upload a picture or select one of our default avatars to use in the chat room. It is always better to upload a picture, it creates a personal feel to your profile. 

How do the rooms work? 
There are a number of rooms to choose from in the chat room list. Please respect which room you might enter. 

How do I change rooms? 
To change rooms simply select a room from the chat room list within the chat room. 

Can I create my own room? 
Yes. Simply press the button for “Create Room” and enter your desired room name. 

How do I add someone to my buddy list? 
To add someone as a chat room friend simply click their username and press the “add buddy”. Check they are in your friends list within the chat room. 

 How do I block someone? 
To block someone, click on the “Block” button. They will then be added to your Block list. 

Do I need to have my webcam enabled in order to use the chat room? 
No. Webcams are entirely optional. If you wish to use a webcam, please ensure your webcam is plugged in before you enter the chat room. 

How do I report Abuse? 
You can report abuse by clicking on the “Report as bad user” button within the PM box. 

Does the chat room allow adult content? 
Yes. We do allow adult content within the chat room.

What some of our regulars have to say

Chat Buddy, its like a comfy pair of slippers - 'Onyx'

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