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Chat Buddy is a free online UK chat room that allows users to connect with others through text, voice and web cam chat.


What makes it different from other chat rooms on the internet?

Firstly, Chat Buddy targets UK residents; by limiting the geographical area, the chat room allows people to connect with each other more easily. Secondly, chat buddy is handled by skilled, loyal and experienced moderators who make sure that candid debates do not turn into furious fights. Thirdly, chat buddy provides a hoard of online chat options, right from text to video. What's more, this online chat room stays open 24X7! Could it really get any better?

Chat Buddy likes to take pride in its reliability factor. Great care is taken to ensure that all users have enjoyable experiences on the chat site and comfortably build new friendships with other people. It is strongly encouraged that users do not share their personal information with other users, for nothing is more important than their own safety and privacy.

Chat Buddy - It's Time to Discover New Friends

Making new friends rejuvenates the spirit and helps in building a better perspective about the world and society in general. But is it really easy to make new friends? It most certainly is, courtesy of Chat-Buddy- the free online chat room that allows people from all over UK to communicate with each other in the most relaxed, interesting and pleasing manner. Making friends online has now gotten cooler, easier and definitely more fun!

Make new friends or even your lover!

New friends not only bring renewed hope but also more fun into life. Are you looking for someone who can be your accomplice in both fun and mischief? Or a lover who can make your heart flutter? On Chat-Buddy you can find it all. Connect with hundreds of people from all over UK, strike sprightly discussions, share hobbies and thoughts and add a dash of spice to your life by building new friendships every day.

Unlike other premium online chat sites, chat buddy is absolutely free and requires no formal registration; all you need is a functional internet connection and flash enabled web browser. You can also access chat buddy's chat rooms through your mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. So what are you waiting for? Use chat buddy today and make the most of the forums, participate in fun quiz nights, get crazy in the Chat Buddy Photo Booth and play some Chat Roulette.


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To sum up Chat Buddy:

free chatFree

no registration chatNo registration needed

UK chat siteUK chat site

free chat siteA great way to meet new people online

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Do I need to download or install any software to use the site?

Our chat rooms work with any Flash enabled web browser.

You can get Flashplayer from the official Adobe website

Check out our help section for all other issues.

How do I access?

You can access the chat by going to the main chat room. You can either login as a guest or if you wish to keep your chosen username then you will need to register, which only takes a few moments and a valid email. Remember our site is free!

If you are accessing by a mobile device you will be redirect to the mobile chat room

What do we ask of you?

Common courtesy toward others at all times.

We all enjoy a good debate, but please keep it within reason.

We advise you never give out any personal information, even if you think the person is trustworthy. This is for many reasons, but mainly for your own welfare and security!

Flooding, advertising and spamming is taken very seriously and strictly prohibited. If you are seen to be participating in this type of disruption, you will be removed and the result could be a ban.

Please see the rules to get a complete overview.

UK chat room

It's important to us that everyone who visits our chat rooms has an enjoyable experience. We ask that you maintain this and to respect other users and their opinions. So why not give it a try and make some friends?

We are open 24/7! Simply enter and start talking about any subject you want. Our chat has many and varied discussions all the time, so being open-minded is a must.

If you really like our site, then please don't forget to mention us to your friends and share us on Facebook, Twitter and other social websites you might use.

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