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Chat Buddy Rules very simple rules you should follow

Although at Chat Buddy we are very relaxed in our approach to moderating the chat room, we still need a few rules which at times have to be brought to the attention of users.

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SPEAK ENGLISH (This is a Free Chat Room)

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1. No spamming other chatters. For instance; If you repeat a word over and over in order to cause disruption, this would be seen as spamming. Chat users do not like to be spammed and moderators don't like to see it.

2. Follow mod/admin requests. The administration team will never ask you to do anything unreasonable. Chat Buddy staff might ask you to pass the microphone along to another user for instance, keeping everything fair.

3. Do not give out your contact details in the main chat area (use pm). This might sound obvious but it's surprising the amount of chat room users that share private information with no thought for their personal security and safety. It is vitally important to keep all personal information away from the chat room.

4. No webcam requests in the main chat area. The reason why we ask you not to request webcams in the main chat area is because it can be interpreted as flooding. Asking a user over and over to go on cam or "show" in the main room can be annoying.

5. No phone numbers to be posted in the main chat area. Security is our main priority and posting phone numbers in the chat room can be seen as a serious breach of your security. We can only guide you to having the best experience possible on Chat Buddy but ultimately your security is down to you.

6. Using chat buddy to advertise in any way is not allowed. If you wish to advertise then please contact us. We have used a number of advertising companies over the years and we are always open to offers.

7. This chat room may not be used for purposes which are illegal in the United Kingdom or to support illegal activities in any way. We will cooperate with legal authorities in the investigation of any illegal activity. We record all IP addresses that enter the chat site and we keep concise chat logs, purely for your own safety, should we require those logs at a later date in the unlikely event of a criminal investigation.

8. Harassing or making direct threats to any user on Chat Buddy is not allowed, or encouraging other users to do the same. Chat Buddy will close any account that is shared with other users. An account is limited to one person only so please do not share your account for any reason. If you are seen sharing your account with another user then your account might be disabled. If your account has been disabled you may want to contact us.

9. Using Chat Buddy to promote or advertise is strictly forbidden and will result in an instant ban from the website. If staff believe you are advertising you will be banned without warning.

Flooding the chat room either in private messaging or in the main chat room is not allowed. You will be asked to stop or removed if you do so. Chat Buddy uses a number of anti flooding features but should you try to flood the chat room then your account might be disabled. If you have been muted for flooding then just wait until the time expires before typing again.

10. Fraudulant activity on Chat Buddy is against the law and therefore also not allowed here at Chat Buddy.

11. Understand that this website has no way of pre-screening users for the video chat rooms. Although we do try and monitor what is said in the chat room it still carries a very small risk that you might read something that is unpleasant. Chat Buddy has no control over what is said as there is no pre-screening in place.

12. Interfering or disabling our servers and/or services is not allowed.

13. Using third party software to connect to our chat room is completely forbidden. We do allow other webmasters to use our embed code.

14. Using the website or specifically the chat room for the purpose of phishing or transmitting viruses is not allowed. For more information on viruses and chat room security.

15. Trying to harm the reputation of Chat Buddy or any of its members is not allowed.

16. Using any form of screen recording software is strictly forbidden in our chat rooms. If you are caught doing it you will be removed from the chat room without warning and you may be banned.

17. Using chat buddy to promote your own website/business or someone else's website or business, whether in private messaging or public rooms is not allowed and doing so will get your account terminated immediately. If you are looking at promoting your website or blog then please speak to us first, we might be able to help you.

18. By registering you agree to let us use your likeliness (ex. photos or images) in promoting this website. We will never use your email as a form of promotion, but we may contact you using your registered email address.