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Chat Buddy history

How long has Chat Buddy been about?

Chat Buddy began in 2009. Although for the first year there was no website.

This is what Chat Buddy looked like in 2010 when I first started the site.

There wasn't a registration so you couldn't even save your username! Just a simple chat box which everyone loved.

Chat Buddy

This is how our chat room looked in 2010

Just a tiny chat box which didn't have any form of private messaging or web cams. Everyone loved it though!

Chat Room

What is Chat Buddy?

A place to chat on the net where people can interact together online. All you need to enter our chat rooms is a computer with an internet connection. Some of the very oldest form of chat room was the text based type since then webcam chat rooms have proved to be popular. Chat Buddy has txt, video and audio chat.

What sort of chat rooms are there?

There are so many various types of chat rooms. The most popular being webcam chat sites and IRC rooms. Some of the very latest chat sites offer a complete cyberworld where you can walk around as an online character.

Instant messaging systems

There are so many ways to communicate online other than through a chat room. In fact, some like to be on Chat Buddy at the same time as communicating through an instant messaging system like Skype.

Paid and free chat rooms

Most chat sites are free but some charge a small fee. Chat Buddy is completely free and always will be.

Types of online chat rooms

Nowadays, many people are using online chat rooms as a means of getting in touch with their family members, friends, relatives and workers across the globe. Users are able to send messages and chat on live webcam. The largest population that makes use of these virtual platforms are quite young -they can play games, watch movies, chat with their friends and listen to music while sitting in our chat room.

Video chat rooms

Video chat rooms are also known as webcam chat rooms. They are full of fun, but you should always be cautious.

Lesbians and gays chat rooms

The internet is a large platform for everyone. Lesbians, gays as well as bisexuals also have their own chat rooms. It's not very hard to find these rooms. Chat Buddy caters for everyone and has a large number of gay members.

Community chat rooms

Community chat sites are probably the best for all round general chat