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Need a break from the highly addictive chat room? There is no escape from addiction while on Chat Buddy! Check out our

HIGHLY addictive games

We have a number of exciting games with more being added as I create them. This is a great way to get away from the chat room and with a ton of games that I am working on at the moment be sure to keep calling back to have a look at the latest.

Simply choose from below. No sign ups or anything like that just open the game and start playing - it's really that simple!

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Click The Button Game


Memory Game

Flexy Man

Apple Blast

New Game >> Sorcerer

New Game >> Ping Pong Colour

New Game >> Word Search

New Game >> The Magic Well

More Coming soon!

bounce game

memory game

apple blast

flexyman game

Don't forget to call into the chat room to let everyone know your score!

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