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FAQ Some of the most frequently asked questions

If you log in as a guest your username becomes available to anyone as soon as you logout of the chat room. You will lose a number of things like your friends list, website preferences, blocked users. When you register you keep your username and the additional benefits that come with registering an account - Remember this is completely free with registration a doddle.
As soon as you login it is advisable to visit the settings section. You will be presented with a few options for personalizing your experience in the chat room. For instance you can set who is allowed to send you private messages, whether they should be registered or a VIP member. Once you have applied your settings you can upload a picture or select one of our default avatars to use in the chat room. It is always better to upload a picture, it creates a personal feel to your profile.
When you enter the main chat room you will notice a room list. Please respect which room you might enter.
To change rooms simply select a chat room from the chat room list.
Yes. Simply press the button for Create Room and enter your desired room name. You can also embed the chat room into your website or blog
To add someone as a chat room friend simply click their username and press the add buddy. Check they are in your friends list within the chat room.
To block someone, click on the "Block" button. They will then be added to your Blocked user list.
No. Webcams are entirely optional. If you wish to use a webcam, please ensure your webcam is plugged in before you enter the chat room.
You can report abuse by clicking on the Report as bad user button within the PM box.
Take a look at our help for any webcam related issues.

You should receive your activation code within ten minutes. If you did not then it could be because;

1. Your email was incorrect.

2. You have used a disposable email account

3. Have you checked your junk mail folder?

If you are still waiting without success then please contact us.

There are loads more chat room abbreviations than the list that I've put here but to keep things simple I've listed the most common abbreviations below to help you understand what people are saying in the chat room. If you are having any problems with your webcam then please use our webcam tester. For other chat room problems please ask a moderator in the chat room or post in the technical section on the

AFK Away From Keyboard

A/S/L Age/Sex/Location

ASAP As Soon As Possible

AKA Also Known As

B4 Before

BBL Be Back Later

BRB Be Right Back

BTW By The Way

CYA See Ya

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

FYI For Your Information

IMHO In My Honest/Humble Opinion

J/K Just Kidding / Joking

L8R Later

LMAO Laughing My Ass Off

LOL Laugh/ing Out Loud

ROFL Rolling On the Floor Laughing


TTFN Ta-Ta For Now

TTYL Talk To You Later

WB Welcome Back

WTH What/Who The Hell?

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