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Chat Buddy Information about Cookies and how we use them has created this privacy and cookie policy as we are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our website visitors; this policy sets out how we will treat your personal information.

When you enter Chat Buddy and provide any data, we use it purely for the purpose which it was given.

Confidential information is never disclosed to any third party. We recognise to the highest importance your privacy.

What are cookies?

In order for you to get the best from Chat Buddy we sometimes place a very small file known as a cookie on your computer. Don't panic this is very normal when visiting a website. A cookie is basically a text file of information that allows us to recognise your browser. To learn more about cookies and how to manage them via your browser/device please visit

What do we use cookies for?

We use cookies for two reasons on Chat Buddy; to remember your settings for your own benefit. And to allow us to know how many times you have visited the website.

What can I do about these cookies?

If you wish you can block all cookies using your browser. To do so please visit for further information.

Session Cookies

These are temporary cookies, which are erased when you close your browser or switch of your computer. Session cookies are sometimes used on Chat Buddy for instance remembering your chat room preferences, so you do not have to set if you want the audio on etc.

Persistent Cookies

Persistent cookies help Chat Buddy remember your information for any future visits. This will enable a much faster login and convenient access. When you first visit the chat room, the website is presented to your browser in its default state. During your stay with us you will set your preferences, these preferences are then remembered by using a persistent cookie. Google Analytics use cookies to track website visitors. We use Google analytics as a means of monitoring the traffic for statistical reasons. More technical information can be found at Google

Notice for Parents

All our chat rooms are monitored regularly.

What do we do with your personal information? Check out Personal Information