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Our Free Chat Room is designed for general use.

We don't have exact topics like some websites have, just go with the flow and see where the conversation leads. Generally what we're trying to achieve here is up to you, in other words instead of a chat room that topics singles or music we leave the topics down to you. This chat room is a place to relax, chill-out, enjoying your free time with us. At times the chat room holds vigorous lively debates and at other times very funny moments. Certainly what we do offer is bundles of fun and excitement.

Due to our unique geo-targeting methods we target UK towns and cities that are close to you. In that way you'll be chatting to people from all parts of the UK. Already quite a few people have gone from the cyber-world to actual real life encounters. Some have moved on to further their relationship to actual co-habiting. We now in fact have our very first Chat Buddy baby as a result of two people meeting through our chat site!

Chat Buddy is very relaxed and no doubt quite different to what you're used to. Some may find the relaxed atmosphere quite nice while others may feel that people get away with too much. Although our chat room is relaxed we like to think that you are all grown up and generally speaking you should be grown up enough to resolve any problems or issues you have with other users. All chat rooms have rules, so before you head off into ours, be sure to take a look at ours and follow them.

Chat Room Etiquette Tips

If you are new, you need to know a few basic chat room etiquette guidelines.

Tip #1 Stop CAPPING

When chatters see all caps they automatically assume you're shouting. This can lead to a hostile atmosphere. When this happens, it turns everyone's fun into an argumentative and stressful situation. What kind of a good time is that? In a nut shell - CAPS means you are shouting in the chat room.

Tip #2 Get a room - A private chat room that is

If you have a chat buddy who you like to get a bit intimate with online, it's never good form to dirty-talk in the public main room. This is very uncomfortable for others. Simply take your bedroom chatting to a private chat room and have fun there. Registered users can easily create chat rooms which are then added to the list of chat rooms.

Tip #3 Don't be pushy

This means not being pushy in trying to get someone to agree with you, trying to push your point, and so on. Ignoring the rules, no matter the reason will get you removed fast. Spamming is very annoying as well. When people are trying to have fun with the other chatters about the room's topic, having someone spamming is a downer.

These are the top three tips to have better chat room etiquette. By being respectful of others, just as you would face to face and you'll do great. In addition, be yourself and allow others to be themselves without judging. Have fun and happy chatting!

The way we meet new people has been changing continuously, especially due to the increased use of technology, namely cellphones and laptops. Where once bars, restaurants, and parties were a source to meet people, now social media and the internet have become the place to meet and socialize with people. Because of the increased use of internet, one can meet people from parts of the world which we cannot physically go to.

To make socializing easy, Chat Buddy, a free online UK chat room has come into being, allowing you to connect with people living in different parts of the world under one roof via text, voice or even a web cam chat.

To make it easier, various groups prevail in the chat room for people of all ages and interests, from adults to teens, singles to committed, gays to LGTB. There's a group for every one to indulge in! If you don't find a group of your interest, you can always make one and users can join you upon viewing your group.

Here on Chat buddy you can upload pictures, chat in private rooms or one on one conversation, and if you wish you can use the audio and video chat, only if you are comfortable. We do not force this option upon you.

Chat Buddy has a large following of UK chatters, but we welcome people from other countries as well. We know how chat rooms can get crowded, making it a fish market rather than a platform to have a genuine conversation with someone since when meeting new people, one wants to have the peace and quiet to know them better without having people barging in and out. We take extra care about this aspect and facilitate private conversations and filter the number of people in a group. Reliability, along with security and privacy is an important aspect. For us, making sure that our users have a pleasant experience without having their chats being disclosed, or their information being handed out is a priority. We assure you that you are safe and secure when using our platform to chat. And lastly, to augment your experience, we have various outlets for you to meet people, chat, text, audio and video. Use all of them, or use any! The choice is yours.

Log in as a guest for the first time and just look around what's happening, if you love it then sign up for free without any registration and chat away! Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, you can log in any time!

And you don't need to always have a computer at hand to access Chat Buddy's chat rooms. You can access chat buddy's chat rooms through your mobile devices using our mobile site for smart phones and tablets.

So what are you waiting for? Use chat buddy and connect and meet online with hundreds of users today. Make the most of all the forums, participate in our fun quiz get crazy in the Chat Buddy Photo Booth and play some Chat Roulette.