New Logo and website layout

July 11, 2014
If you have been a regular of Chat Buddy for quite a few years you would have noticed a number of changes I made. Some of those changes were so subtle that only search engines would have picked them up. Others were cosmetic changes to make the website more user friendly. The recent changes I've made is to ensure the website is not only super fast, but also super user friendly. Chat Buddy doesn't believe in prolonged registrations, but a simple fast registration (optional). I hope you all like the changes and hopefully you might make some suggestions or comments on our official forum. Going forward the chat room will evolve, what direction that may take - who knows! As for now you can join us on our official twitter account and also on your official Google Plus.

Chat Buddy is back with a fresher look

June 20, 2014
For those of you that have been emailing me over the last few months during our closure will no doubt be pleased that the chat room has once again re-opened. To top that I have redesigned the website with freshness and speed in mind, amongst other things. I will continue to nurture the website with view to bringing it back to its former glory! Watch this space!